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Obamacare: Inside Chucky Schumer

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Now that Jonathan Gruber has removed all doubt among anybody with an IQ above room temperature, at least one of Obama’s former comrades can point out the obvious: Obamacare stinks. Chuck Schumer is attacking King Barry from the left, of course, but at least for once he’s half-right.

Chucky in 2009:

Chucky today:

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer threw Obamacare under the bus Tuesday, charging that Democrats should not have passed the law in 2010.

Oh. So according to Chuck, the Democrats should’ve imposed socialism on everything except the health insurance industry. Good point, Chuck. Guess we’ll never know how much worse that would’ve been, for those of us who actually have to pay for all of this crap.

Or will we…? Schumer 2016!!!