Andrea Mitchell: ‘Embarrassing’ Obama Is Unable To Find Hagel Successor

Al Weaver Reporter

After news spilled out into the public that former Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy rejected President Barack Obama’s offer to succeed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell said it’s “embarrassing” that Obama’s search has been unsuccessful and fallen flat thus far.

Mitchel made the comments on “Mitchell Reports” to USA Today editor Susan Page Wednesday afternoon.

“I was told that Flournoy was called by the president both to offer her the job, cajole her, talk her into it,” said Mitchell. “The fact that gets out there that I learned about it and others learned about, it is so embarrassing to a White House they’ve got a job, a cabinet job like this, the top tier cabinet job that they can’t talk anyone into taking.”

Flournoy is not the only one to remove her name from consideration for the post. Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed pulled his name out of consideration soon after the announcement of Hagel’s departure was announced.