Now Teachers Union Outlaws Coca-Cola From Its Events

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After wasting millions of dollars on losing Democratic candidates in this month’s midterm elections, the American Federation of Teachers has completely gone off the deep end and banned Coca-Cola and Coke products from its events and facilities.

The teachers union — America’s second largest — based its prohibition on America’s best product and, certainly, its best export, on allegations of human rights violations that were described in a trio of books published several years ago, reports Fox News.

The rather late AFT resolution outlawing Coca-Cola products from union events is intended to show solidarity with other labor unions, union spokesman Michael Heenan said, according to Fox News.

Larry Sand, president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, a group that frequently stands athwart teachers unions, spells out the motivation more clearly: “Obviously, they [Coca-Cola] were not using unionized workers,” Sand said, according to Fox.

The teachers union’s conspiracy theory-esque claims include murder, assassination attempts and eight-year-old children wielding machetes.

A Coca-Cola representative called the allegations against the delicious beverage conglomerate “outdated and erroneous.”

In addition to Coke and Diet Coke, The Coca-Cola Company produces a multitude of other brands, including Dasani, Minute Maid, Schweppes, Honest Tea, something called Diet Northern Neck, and TaB, which is still around, apparently.

The anti-Coke gambit is the latest in a bizarro month even by the standards of America’s teachers unions. After the devastating electoral losses, the National Education Association sought to rally support for new laws forcing taxpayers to foot all or part of the college tuition costs for anyone who becomes a teacher. (RELATED: Teachers Union Demands Free College For Teachers After Blowing $100 Million On Midterms)

Also in November, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, issued a statement expressing her deep concern that preschool teachers make low salaries. Her own salary of $360,000 per year is 1,068 percent higher than the income of a typical prekindergarten teacher (and 641 percent than the income of an average elementary school teacher). (RELATED: Randi Weingarten Is Really Sad She Makes $326,300 More Than A Typical Preschool Teacher, You Guys)

Also, the AFT has mounted a campaign to vilify financial institutions that have lent money to public school districts and local governments around the country. The union used the term “toxic deals” to describe transactions involving school districts that received huge sums of money in exchange for promises to repay that money with interest and fees. (RELATED: Teachers Unions Aim To Demonize Banks That Have Lent School Districts Money After Blowing $100 Million On Midterms)

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