Woodward On Hagel Replacement: Obama Needs ‘Authority Figure’ For Defense Sec Post, Is ‘In A Tight Spot’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Following the resignation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel last Monday, Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward said President Barack Obama is “in a tight spot,” and needs an “authority figure” for the final two years of his presidency as the war with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria heats up.

Woodward made the points Sunday morning on “Fox News Sunday.”

“What does Hagel’s ouster tell us about Obama and his policies in the past two years?” asked host Chris Wallace.

“It shows that the world has changed,” said Woodward, noting Hagel was an Obama “soulmate” due to his opposition of war, specifically the Iraq War.

“This is a tough one for Obama. He’s got to find an authority figure. He’s got to find somebody who immediately people will say ‘ah, that’s a leader,'” said Woodward, who floated Colin Powell as a figure who would command respect abroad.

Following Woodward’s comments, Associated Press White House reporter Julie Pace told Wallace the Defense Secretary turnover is due to Obama’s “skeptical” view of the military.

“He doesn’t like war. Obama doesn’t like war, but he’s declared one essentially. So he’s in a tight spot,” concluded Woodward.