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Does Katie Couric Need An Intern?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Even BFF Mike Allen of Politico Playbook fame may not be able to save Katie Couric from a really dopey Sunday night on Twitter.

Astonishing that a woman as accomplished as Yahoo‘s global anchor needs another human being — let alone a CNN media reporter — to fill her in on the status of Showtime’s Homeland Sunday night. She also appeared to need help deciphering a topic she heard in church that morning.

Let’s start with Homeland. After a local TV reporter told her the program wasn’t on, she continued, “Thank u I was going craaaaazy! What about The Affair?”

Can Katie not press the “Info” button on her remote control?

An extremely disappointed Couric remarked, “I need my Saul fix!!!!! Oy!”

So many exclamation points, so little time. After learning that Showtime’s The Affair was also not on (at least not a new episode), she chirped, “Arrrgh this is my big tv night. Oh well. Maybe I will read a book! :)”

Oh, but just not yet. Let’s stay on Twitter awhile and be annoying shoot the breeze.

Apart from the local anchor, CNN’s Brian Stelter also officially came to her rescue.

In a word: Embarrassing.

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But the dumbness didn’t stop there. She then managed to offend a bunch of people by mentioning a new word she learned in church Sunday.

She wrote: “Be4 I sign off learned a new word in church today: Eschatology. Anyone?”

The Daily Beast‘s sometimes mouthy Olivia Nuzzi remarked, “Are you illiterate?”

Couric replied, “Yes, it’s a big problem.”

The peanut gallery was not kind.

Another more unknown follower remarked, “Not new to us ‘religious right nuts’ you dislike, Katie. Maybe some cultural sensitivity training is in order.” KeepCalmAndDrawl snapped, “Good lord. You’re a major journalist that ignorant of words common to half the country?” Rick Wilson, a self-described “GOP Media Guy,” added, “Boy howdy, that Sarah Palin sure is dumb!” Al B. Damned remarked, “Oh dear God, weren’t you allegedly educated at UVA?” Syndicated columnist Phil Kerpen asked, “Do you always flaunt your ignorance?” And Evan Jenkins (???) added his two cents: “Maybe she just misheard ‘scatology.'”

Katie concluded, “My minister introduced it as a new word so guess he’s an idiot too. It must hurt to hate so much. Have a nice night!”