Elon Musk Talked About A Bogus BMW Deal To Give Tesla A PR Bump

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Recent talk about collaboration between BMW and Tesla in the future electric auto market is little more than static according to the German manufacturer, which accused Elon Musk of talking up talks between the companies to give Tesla a PR-boost.

In response to recent statements by Musk alleging the two are in informal talks to share battery, charging and carbon-fiber technology, BMW recently told German business magazine Wirtschafts Woche the company has no plans to share tech with Tesla, nor is the company interested in purchasing shares of the California electric auto maker.

Business Insider reports unnamed officials told the magazine that BMW may sell carbon-fiber tech used in its electric i3 model to Tesla — which Musk expressed interest in — but that such an offer would be open to any manufacturer. Officials also said the company isn’t interested in partnering with Tesla to build a battery factory in Germany, which Musk said last week could be producing in five to six years.

Instead, officials accused Musk of name-dropping BMW for “PR purposes” to fill major manufacturer partnership gaps left by Daimler and Toyota, both of whom sold their Tesla stock late this year resulting in a negative impact on Tesla shares.

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