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Feminists Finally Do Something Good: Comet Scientist’s Shirt Is Sold Out

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Remember this guy?


Well, Ms. Eveleth can’t be too happy about this latest development, courtesy of gender-traitor Judi Taylor, the designer who made the shirt. All you woman-hating sexist misogynist haters of women can get your own hate-shirt at alohaland.com, but it’ll take a minute:

The Matt Taylor Astronaut fabric is being reprinted. Please have patience. It will take about 8 weeks and then I can make the 400 shirts that have been ordered. I can’t answer all the emails I’ve gotten. There are hundreds…Thanks for your patience. I’ll put up another notice when I know more. Thanks….Judi


How many more women must be triggered by this microaggressive attire before we say enough is enough? We’re driving away an entire generation of womyn scientists by giving our money to this menace and her thuggish threads. Stop the hate! Etc.

I’m going to order a shirt and put some more money in Judi Taylor’s pocket. Because I hate women, probably.

(Hat tip: Tim Bleah)