New Pancake Recipe From ISIS!

Alex Olson Contributor
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The women of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria have a delicious new pancake recipe to make for the group’s thousands of dedicated militants, and they’ve shared it on the internet.

The simple pancakes are not much more than flour and honey, but the recipe claims the carbohydrate-rich breakfast food will “extend the energy and power of the Mujahideen,” Al Arabiya News reports.

The group behind the jihadi treats is al-Zawra, the ISIS women’s division, whose stated purpose is to “prepare sisters for the battlefield for jihadists.” Al-Zawra’s deceptively benign activities include using social media to provide instruction to ISIS wives in the domestic arts, including cooking, sewing, first aid and weaponry. It also provides religious instruction in Salafist Sunni ideology.

Previous recipes released by the group include “quick and simple” date balls.

The pancake recipe –which opens with a lengthy prayer– calls for:

1 Egg
2-4 Tablespoons sugar
4 Teaspoons salt
4 Cups milk
4 Cups flour

ISIS recommends the pancakes be served with milk and honey.

Alex Olson