No Surprises: Harvard-Grad Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Math Genius Son [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for six touchdowns en route to a blowout win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, but it was a younger Fitzpatrick who stole the show at the post-game press conference.

Fitzpatrick introduced his sons Tate and Brady to the press before calling Brady up to the podium to show off some serious mathematical skills.


“9,021? Is that what your calculator says Brian? BOOM!”

This is pretty cool and definitely adorable, but the whole thing still seems a little staged to me. Limiting the two numbers to a 10-digit range indicates some type of shortcut being used here. Couple this with the fact that his father is a Harvard graduate, makes me think young Brady has been sprinkled with quite a bit of Ivy League voodoo.

Let me know when Eli Manning’s son proves Euler’s Equation; then I’ll be impressed.

Eli Manning: Rain Man, minus the mathematical prowess

Obviously I’m being a little tough on Brady. The kid’s clearly got chops. I mean, I have trouble multiplying any numbers greater than five, and I have a college degree.

Looks like there might be another future-Harvard QB in the Fitzpatrick clan.