This Brutal Flop Is Everything That’s Wrong With Soccer [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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If you’ve read TheDC Sports section, you’re probably aware that I’m not the biggest soccer fan. This video certainly isn’t making me go all “Green Street Hooligans” any time soon.


That Oscar-worthy performance comes from Leeds United’s Adryan.

1) I’m getting a little sick of all this one-name nonsense in soccer. You aren’t Pelé. You aren’t Ronaldo. Hell, you’re not even Ichiro. Use a last name.

2) I will never take a sport that places such an emphasis on fooling the officials into calling penalties seriously. The NBA is reaching the tipping point, and there’s no way I’ve got room for two separate Flop-a-thons on my DVR. (RELATED: ELUSIVE TRIPLE FLOP CAUGHT ON CAMERA)

3) This looks exactly like the best goal celebration I’ve ever seen.


I don’t have an actual problem with soccer; when played properly, it truly is a beautiful game. I DO have a problem with all the nonsense permeating the sport today. This is America, and we only have room for one football. You can bet your ass we’ll choose the one where players end each other’s careers every game instead of pretending to be hurt to draw penalties. (VIDEO: Ridiculous Corner Kicks Proves Why Americans Will Never Really Like Soccer)