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Quote of the Day:

“The hardest thing about newspaper buyouts is those who can most afford to take them are often the best guardians of our standards.”

Jennifer Steinhauer, mid-Atlantic regional reporter in D.C.

Journo to host a SiriusXM show

“Yep, it’s true: Starting tomorrow I’m hosting a weekly radio show on @SXMPOTUS — 1st guests are Sen Mitch McConnell & @CoryGardner” — Yahoo! NewsOlivier Knox.

Jesse Berney asks a really BURNING question 

“Who is brave enough to do the definitive piece on whether @WesleyLowery‘s twitter avatar is too slutty for a journalist?” — Berney, senior editor at the lefty Blue Nation Review. He has also, embarrassingly, had bylines at Wonkette. BNR is much more respectable. Hey Jesse…thanks for being hooked on my work for years now. Had no idea! Love you too. For whoever doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s referring to this story I wrote in 2012 wondering about female reporters going for a sexy look in their Twitter avatars.

Uh oh

@lizzieohreally how come you unfollowed me? I thought we wuz friends. :(” — Politico‘s Ben White. MarketPlace‘s Lizzie O’Leary replied, “Email me.” Him: “I did so.”

Reporter really hates the word ‘thug’ 

“For Christmas, I want Santa to give every boy & girl a thesaurus so they can discover all the available alternatives for ‘thug.’ Seriously.” — The Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams. A minute later he was still incensed about it: “Honest to Pete, I’ve seen the word ‘thug’ in my timeline a lot. A LOT. The English language is rich and complex. Enjoy it. Employ it.”

Personal news on Twitter…

“‘Personal news’ is definitionally uninteresting to everyone else.” — Mother Jones Engagement Editor Ben Dreyfuss. Jessica Misener replied, “But when else will media people tweet congrats at each other while internally rotting with jealousy?”

NYT journo takes the buyout

“After two decades @nytimes, I’m taking the buyout, excited about new horizons. Grateful to have been part of the best news org anywhere.” — Edward Wyatt.

Media chairman thanks printer company for helping him

“Thanks @EpsonAmerica for getting my printer back in service with just one call.” — Don Irvine, Chairman of Accuracy in Media.

White House correspondent has bad hair day

“Forgive me today. It is raining and it is a bad hair day. My stylist is in my house hooking me up as we speak!” — America Urban Radio’s April Ryan at 10:52 p.m.


“I just want to cut a belly sized hole into my mattress so I can sleep on my stomach while pregnant. Is that so much to ask?” — Bethany Mandel, freelancer, Heritage and Commentary mag alum.

Twitter speak

“Pro [tip] for trolls now equating RTs with harassment. Hoping faves still okay.” — Yasha Levine, Pando Daily.

Confessional II. 

“It’s been one of those days. I made no one happy on Twitter.” — Kathleen McKinley, political blogger, Houston Chronicle.

Reporter’s chili is a tad spicy 

“Three tablespoons of Cayenne, it seems, is a bit too much for a single batch of chili. #LessonLearned.” — NYT‘s Ashley Parker.

And a Starbucks runs out of soy milk 

“Baffles me how a Starbucks that is IN a grocery store can run out of soy milk.” — ABC’s Karen Travers.

Anatomy of a Wesley Lowery block

SunnyRight: “My favorite part is where Wesley Lowery assumes our grandkids will be talking about Ferguson like JFK’s assassination.”

WaPo‘s Wesley Lowery: “My favorite part is the moment right after I block you.”

In the bowels of Twitter, things can get ugly 

TV One’s Roland Martin: “Every second people in Ferguson are taking cleaning up after lotting & arson, that’s tme away from mobilizing/organizing the movement.”

Kush King: “You’re a fucking joke.”

Roland Martin: “Says the punk who doesn’t even have 500 followers. No one will follow you to the bathroom.”

Kush King: “You look like something I saw this morning in the bathroom. Dark, brown and full of shit.”