North Korea Creates Tourism Website [VIDEO]

Ben Smith Contributor
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Despite a restrictive travel ban, the reclusive nation of North Korea has created a tourism website to encourage westerners to come visit the isolated country.

The website is an attempt to “satisfy growing interest” and curiosity about the remote nation, according to South Korea news attempts to pinpoint and give viewers a glimpse of the country. The video hints at the massive shows put on for leader Kim Jong-un, along with a weird mix of kids playing together and missiles being fired.

Oddly, while fantastic images of theme parks and luxury living quarters and ski resorts flash by, no one is shown enjoying them.


The country has banned foreigners, except for diplomatic workers, from entering after the Ebola outbreak. The ban went into effect in October, and is only a temporary measure according to Chinese media.

Traveling to North Korea has been a major point of debate in recent years due its intolerance of free press, heavily guided tours and abysmal human rights record. North Korea is believed to have thousands of political and religious prisoners hard labor camps across the nation.