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MSNBC Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom Goes On Late-Night Tear Against Joe Scarborough

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Things may get frosty around the MSNBC studios this week as Ferguson heats up and TV correspondents take off the gloves.

Late Tuesday night, NBC legal correspondent Lisa Bloom ripped Joe Scarborough a new orifice over his views on Ferguson, which he’s been laying out on “Morning Joe” and in a column on his Politico blog. Bottom line: Based on conflicting grand jury testimony, Scarborough insists the “hands up don’t shoot” narrative surrounding Michael Brown is “a lie” and that there’s no real proof it ever happened.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 9.15.27 AMScarborough typically dismisses the chatter of bloggers, especially when it knocks him. But it would’ve been nearly impossible for him to miss Bloom’s late-night freakout. And if you think she can’t argue well — she’s Gloria Allred‘s daughter and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Bloom began attacking Scarborough on Twitter at 11:13 p.m., something of a cheap shot since he was likely fast asleep as he has to wake in the middle of the night to prep for his morning show.

Point by point, she blasted him. She said no one is deeming Brown “a hero.” She also dinged him with this: “According to race-bating PBS, more than half of GJ witnesses said Brown’s hands were up when shot.”

As soon as Goldie Taylor, who was recently canned by MSNBC, caught whiff of what Bloom was doing, she encouraged a face-to-face grudge match. She said, “Welp. @LisaBloom is going in on @JoeNBC. That would be a nice matchup to wake up to.” Bloom replied, “Bring. It. On.” Taylor continued with some sort of positive verbal utterance: “YAAAAAAS!”

Sisterhood is alive and well. Touching, isn’t it?

Eventually Bloom, a vegan, began talking down to a red meat loving Scarborough, wondering if he’d even read the grand jury transcript. Just in case he hadn’t, she provided him with a link. “I’m helpfully giving you the grand jury transcript,” she wrote. “Read up in preparation to discuss with me!”

If the knife wasn’t yet in, soon it was with Bloom slowly twisting.


“I missed the memo from black America asking a bunch of white folks to sit around a TV studio and wag fingers at them. But not @JoeNBC,” she wrote. “Civil rights movement ignited over black kids being killed at horrific rates. @JoeNBC likens it to ‘flying saucers.’ Show some respect, Joe.”

Bloom went on (and on). “What’s most painful about @JoeNBC‘s rant is how one dimensional he paints Mike Brown, entirely believing his shooter’s version of events,” she said. “Easy to criticize looters. But to wag finger at them w/o acknowledging 1000s of nonviolent protestors is irresponsible, @JoeNBC.”

Some 16 tweets later at 12:06 a.m. she finished up her annihilation of Scarborough, with not a single response from him.

Before bed, she exchanged what passes for pastoral blessings these days with a follower.

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