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Chris Cuomo Faces ‘F–k CNN’ Chants During Protests

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Being a reporter amid riots and protests these days isn’t for the wimpy at heart. Wednesday night CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Deborah Feyerick faced the wrath of protesters who aren’t too fond of the media.

While Cuomo faced down chants of “fuck CNN” as he was trying to report what was happening, his colleague, Feyerick, fared far worse. She had to endure, “fuck her in the pussy.”

Ugh. The news was reported by CNN Commentary, a blogger out of Ohio who goes by “Allan” and covers all things CNN and HLN. Watch the must-see videos here. The videos were originally captured by D.C.-based self-described nerd Andrew Blake. They’ve since been removed from YouTube.

As some may recall from Ferguson, many reporters there experienced tear gas (who can forget CNN’s Don Lemon coughing and being unable to adjust his gas mask properly?) and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got rocks thrown at him (and while we really can’t blame someone having a gut-level desire to throw something at Hayes when he’s speaking, certainly rocks weren’t necessary. Water balloons would’ve sufficed.) LAT‘s Matt Pearce, meanwhile, suffered a “minor” yet bloody head injury after being hit in the head with what he thinks was a rock.

There was also The Washington Post‘s Wesley Lowery, who allegedly got shoved up against a soda machine by cops and was then detained for less than an hour. No surgery was required.