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Eric Garner’s Death Wasn’t An Issue Of Race, Says His Daughter

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Erica Garner is black, so the following can’t be racist. She’s the man’s daughter, so you can hardly accuse her of not caring. But I’m sure her opinion is invalid for some other reason. It’s simply not what she’s supposed to think.

Here she is talking to CNN’s Don Lemon, who’s clearly taken aback by her resistance to groupthink:

She doesn’t think it’s a racial issue, but rather an abuse of police power. And yes, it can be the latter without being the former. (Take it from me.)

I don’t know if I’d be this rational and level-headed if this happened to someone I love. She should be commended for resisting the urge to turn her father’s death into just another piece on the board of the Racebaiting Game.

Not everything is about race, no matter how angry it makes you.

(Hat tip: Michael Cantrell)

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