Third-Grade Teacher Forced Boy To Unclog Nasty Toilet With BARE HANDS

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The parents of a third-grade boy in a tiny town in Washington State say the boy’s teacher forced him to unclog a taxpayer-funded school toilet using only his bare hands. No gloves. No plunger. Just his hands.

The teacher is Brent Taylor, area CBS affiliate KEPR reports.

The incident occurred at Scootney Springs Elementary in Othello, Wash.

Taylor has admitted to giving the little boy the order. School officials have since responded by giving the 23-year veteran teacher a written reprimand. They boy’s parents don’t think the reprimand is sufficient.

“I’m still speechless,” the boy’s mother, Lisa Adams, told KEPR.

Artie Adams, the boy’s dad, added that the parents learned about the incident after cheerfully asking their son how his school day had gone.

“He said everything was good, but my teacher made me put my hand inside the toilet,” the furious father explained. “We were like, what?”

School records obtained by the CBS station show that Taylor advised the boy that sticking his unprotected hands in a nasty, dirty toilet would be fine. “It’s nothing I haven’t done before,” Taylor said, according to an incident report.

The poor kid did what he was told, which led to some humiliation.

“He did get made fun of,” his mother told the station. “Kids did see this happen.”

School district officials allowed the boy to transfer to a different school after the incident. They also placed Taylor in some sort of hygiene course.

Interestingly, Taylor had taken the same course only two months ago.

Also, the crapper-cleaning episode wasn’t Taylor’s first run-in with a reprimand. Previous official admonishments have involved touching female high school students inappropriately and angrily grabbing the arm of a teacher’s aide.

Othello Superintendent George Juarez would only say that he thought the official reprimand for making an eight-year-old boy clean a toilet barehanded was appropriate.

Taylor still has a job at Scootney Springs Elementary, and is still teaching, KEPR reports.

This incident isn’t the first in which an American public school teacher has forced a boy to clean disgusting bathroom facilities with his bare hands. In February, Broward County, Fla. teacher Jennifer Forshey similarly forced a 10-year-old boy to remove soggy, pee-covered paper towels from a urinal without any kind of covering for his hands. (RELATED: Teacher Forced Third-Grade Boy To Clean Dirty Urinal With His Bare Hands)

Unlike Taylor, Forshey was arrested.

Also, Scootney Springs Elementary (pop.: 5,847) appears to be a dangerous place to send children. Just this summer, fifth-grade teacher Lisa Davis was accused of sexually molested a 10-year-old male student. The 48-year-old teacher later pled guilty. (RELATED: Fifth-Grade Teacher Investigated For Sexually Molesting 10-Year-Old Boy In Her Class)

The 10-year-old boy told police in late May that Davis kissed him and touched his genitals. He said he fondled the March 2012 teacher of the month’s breasts, too.

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