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Radio Host: Obama’s Promise Of Post-Racial America Was ‘Pure Crap’ [VIDEO]

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Chris Plante, a popular nationally syndicated talk radio host, based at WMAL in Washington, D.C. has some harsh words for President Obama’s legacy on race relations in America, and he’s not the only one.

A Rasmussen poll last week found only 8% of likely voters in America believe President Obama has helped race relations, with 90% saying it is worse or the same as before America voted in the first black President.

Plante said, “Remember all that talk about post racial, post partisan? It was pure crap… a giant lie. What we got was a guy who had the skill set of a community organizer.”

This is, Plante said, the “most racially charged era that we’ve seen perhaps in my lifetime.”

“They are deliberately making matters worse. They are increasing racial tension in the United States over a lie that a racist white cop mercilessly executed an innocent black teen who was just trying to surrender with his hands up. It’s as insidious as anything I have ever seen in American politics.”

“Truth is just lost these days,” the former CNN journalist said. “If you repeat the big lie, a la Joseph Goebbels, often enough it becomes the truth. What a deal.”

While truth and everyone else is the big loser, Plante says, Al Sharpton is the only winner.

Asked to re-tell what he said on his radio show last Thursday about Rev. Al Sharpton’s head, Plante smiled, “If you look at his [Sharpton’s] head from the side, it looks like one of those kids that you’d have Sally Strothers standing in front of them trying to raise money to get food with flies on his eyelids.” He continued, “Send more CNN coverage.”

But, he said laughing, “it was extemporaneous. I would have to check the record.”

While Plante finds the ubiquitous emergence of cameras in our society as disturbingly Orwellian, as for Obama’s call for police body cameras, Plante says, in the case of Ferguson, “had Darren Wilson had a body camera on, we might not know his name and we might not know Michael Brown’s name because they’d look at the tape.”

On the general move to put up more cameras, he says, “North Korea is aspiring to a surveillance society the likes of which we are building here very casually, very blithely.”

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