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Radio Host: Obama Has An ‘Anti-American Foreign Policy’

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Coming to talk radio entirely by accident after a long career in mainstream journalism, Chris Plante, 54, is a rising national star who excels at entertaining and informing his growing audience. With a unique, authentic voice, this quick-witted host often engages with callers who disagree with him by listening and then asking them tough questions.

If the caller won’t engage, he’ll dismiss them as just another “squirrel in the backyard,” while giving sustenance to listeners who frequently report altered thinking from listening to Plante, much to the chagrin of what he describes as “the loony left.”

We interviewed Plante after one of his successful 3 hour morning shows at WMAL in Washington, D.C. He can be found at iHeartRadio and is also a Cumulus host, a network which is, theoretically, in 110 cities and which could put him on air in other cities.

With 17 years spent at CNN, Plante is a frequent thorn-in-the-side of the mainstream media. In this exclusive 22 minute video interview, Plante says, “I think the Iranian regime wishes that they had a media as compliant as the American media is to the Obama administration. It is just a referee bought and paid for by one team, by the Democrats.”

Referring to the drone attacks that killed four American citizens on orders by our President, Plante says “he [Obama] literally, gets away with murder.” When you consider it, the precedent “is very, very bad.”

“We’re lied to by omission and co-mission all day every day by this corrupt regime, this dishonest, this bought and paid for referee,” Plante says. “When they ignore the facts in favor of the narrative, then we are done. We’re no longer the United States of America. We might as well be East Germany in the bad old days, where the news media is completely controlled by the state.”

Referring to his callers and the non-Washingtonians in his orbit he listens to, Plante senses public opinion shifting away from the President right now. “I think people are moving away from him [Obama] in droves.”

As for the President’s legacy on national security and foreign policy, this former Pentagon correspondent for CNN says it’s “disastrous.” His foreign policy “has been an anti-American foreign policy. And, the negative results will reverberate for generations.”

He continues, “He’s has been kicking the can down the road with the Iranian nuclear weapons program. I think a big part of his legacy will be the emergence of the Islamic Republic as a nuclear armed power with intercontinental missiles. He walked away from Iraq recklessly and irresponsibly for selfish political reasons, foolishly, giving rise to the Islamic State which now owns northern Syria and much of northern Iraq. We are engaged in this ongoing low level warfare. President Obama in Libya knocked Gaddafi out of power and walked away and allowed it to turn into Mad Max beyond Thunderdome. He sided with the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of al Qaeda, the group that assassinated Anwar Sadat over pro-American allies in the region. He has not just neglected, but punched Israel in the face. We’ve lost relations with Turkey. Our relations with Great Britain is on the rocks.”

Asked what he thinks our founding fathers would tell Obama about his ignoring the legislative branch to govern, Plante says “I think they’d be raising holy hell. They’d be throwing chairs and it would be like the Jerry Springer show.”

Calling the midterm elections a “drubbing” for the Democrats, Plante says, “I think that the American people made it clear that President Obama has been given a long enough leash and that Congress needs to come in to check him.”

As for the media’s ingestion of the wave election, Plante likened it their reaction “to the black knight scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail who got his leg chopped off and says it’s just a scratch. I’ve had worse.”

He ends by expressing enthusiasm at being able to be “immersed in the crazy news of the day. It’s almost enough to make your head explode. Almost everyday. And there’s no end in sight.” But, he says, “I have this outlet. Some people pay money to go and beat pillows with tennis rackets.”

Instead, Plante gets three hours a day to inform and entertain the dissenters of conventional wisdom of 2014, right before Rush Limbaugh’s show begins.

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