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Only 8 Arrested For Vandalism In Mostly Peaceful Berkeley Protests

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When you’re writing a news story about left-wing violence, it’s important to use the word “peaceful” as often as possible. You wouldn’t want to seem unsympathetic to people whose hearts are in the right place, even when their feet and fists are in cop cars and store windows.

Jessica Guynn and Laura Mandaro, USA Today:

A peaceful protest in this university town Sunday night over police killings of black men was overtaken by a group vandalizing police cars and stores and briefly shutting a local highway…

A roaming crowd of 300-400 protesters moved between the Oakland border on Telegraph Avenue and downtown Berkeley, leaving California patrol cars and a string of stores damaged, according to California police and local reports. Media reports said eight people were arrested…

Groups of protesters set trash cans on fire and lobbed objects at storefronts, looting some. The Cal Student Store’s window was cracked, two bank fronts were vandalized and two cellphone carrier stores were damaged.

Other groups of protesters shouted at the violent groups to keep peaceful and keep walking.

See? Just because violence and chaos follows them wherever they go, that doesn’t mean anything. After all, they shouted at those guys.

I remember when those stupid teabaggers smashed up a bunch of stuff, and the media downplayed it because not all of them were doing it. Or wait… They might’ve been completely peaceful, yet they were depicted as dangerous crazies? I always get those two confused.

Keep fouling your own nests, geniuses. You’re not the ones who’ll have to clean it up.

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Jim Treacher