Rapper 50 Cent Blows Off Woman’s Criticism Of All White ‘Exodus’ Cast

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Director Ridley Scott has caught a lot of backlash recently for selecting an all-white cast for his biblical epic “Exodus: Gods and Kings,” so when rapper 50 Cent posted a photo on his Instagram with Christian Bale, who leads the Israelites out of Egypt in the movie, calling the film a “must see,” one woman decided to criticize the rapper for seeing it in the first place. 50 Cent, however, wasn’t having any of it.

50 Cent posted this photo late Sunday night.

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And then one user, “Lilibelike,” commented this:

“I would think you had more sense than to support this atrocity that denies the true history of OUR people and further perpetuates the asinine belief that whites can be the only true Kings and Queens and OUR people were only meant to be subservient. And IT’S NOT JUST A MOVIE. It’s these movies and overall misappropriation of OUR culture that fuels the minds of racists and validates their feelings of superiority, leading to #EricGarner #MikeBrown #OscarGrant. The list is endless. Bottom line – just became part of the problem.”

But the rapper had a few choice words for her as well.

“Bitch I didn’t make the movie[.] I watched it. Take your soul sister #1 ass to sleep.”

50 Cent Exodus Instagram

(Photo: Instagram)

When asked about the cast direction Scott had a similar response to 50 Cent’s, and told critics to “get a life,” and said the selection was because of his $140 million budget.

The film premieres Friday. (RELATED: Christian Bale Is Moses In This Trailer For ‘Exodus: Gods And Kings)