Reince Priebus Announces He Will Run For Re-Election

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus announced Monday that he plans to run for a third term.

In an email sent to RNC members obtained by The Daily Caller, Priebus said he already secured the endorsement of 150 of the 168 committee members.

TheDC reported Friday that no challengers have publicly stepped up to challenge Priebus.

Priebus was first elected RNC chairman in 2011. That year, he was one of four challengers to incumbent chairman, Michael Steele.

Since taking over the RNC, Priebus has boasted of getting the committee’s financial footing back after the RNC racked up millions in debt until Steele.

Read the full email from Priebus:

Dear RNC Members,

November 4th coupled with Saturday’s run-off election brought historic victories up and down the ballot.  Without question, these victories would not have been possible without your hard work at the state level and the initiatives we implemented over the last two years at the RNC.  I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to our Party.

Over the last few weeks I have been able to spend time with my family and reflect on the last four years.  I’ve also had an opportunity to connect and talk with many of you.  I have to say that I am truly humbled by the support so many of you have provided.  In fact, when I learned that an effort led by Enid, Bruce and James of Utah to get RNC members to offer their public support for me to run for another term resulted in 150 members providing support, I was honored.

With such support it is impossible for me to say no.  Therefore, I write to seek your support for another term as RNC Chairman.  As some of you may have heard me say, thus far we accomplished about 80% of what we needed to accomplish with another 80% left to go.  If we are going to win in 2016, we must build upon what we were able to accomplish over the last 4 years, and I ask for your continued support to make sure we do in fact accomplish that goal.  In the words of legendary Green Bay Packers’ coach, Vince Lombardi, “Winning isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.”

Thank you to the 150 members who support my reelection:

Tony Parker, RNC Treasurer
Bill Armistead, Alabama State Chairman
Vicki Drummond, Alabama National Committeewoman
Paul Reynolds, Alabama National Committeeman
Peter Goldberg, Alaska State Chairman
Debbie Joslin, Alaska National Committeewoman
Ralph Seekins, Alaska National Committeeman
Amata Radewagen, American Samoa National Committeewoman
Victor Tofaeono, American Samoa State Chairman
Bruce Ash, Arizona National Committeeman
Sharon Giese, Arizona National Committeewoman
Robert  Graham, Arizona State Chairman
Jonathan Barnett, Arkansas National Committeeman
Jonelle  Fulmer, Arkansas National Committeewoman
Doyle Webb, Arkansas State Chairman
Linda Ackerman, California National Committeewoman
Jim Brulte, California State Chairman
Shawn  Steel, California National Committeeman
Ryan Call, Colorado State Chairman
Mike Kopp, Colorado National Committeeman
Lilly Nunez, Colorado National Committeewoman
John Frey, Connecticut National Committeeman
Jerry Labriola, Connecticut State Chairman
Pat Longo, Connecticut National Committeewoman
Ellen Barrosse, Delaware National Committeewoman
Charlie Copeland, Delaware State Chairman
Laird Stabler, Delaware National Committeeman
Peter Feaman, Florida National Committeeman
Leslie Dougher, Florida State Chairman
Sharon Day, RNC Chair & Florida National Committeewoman
Randy Evans, Georgia National Committeeman
Linda Herren, Georgia National Committeewoman
John Padgett, Georgia State Chairman
Mike Benito, Guam State Chairman
David Sablan, Guam National Committeeman
Ted Liu, Hawaii National Committeeman
Miriam Hellreich, Hawaii National Committeewoman
Pat Saiki, Hawaii State Chairman
Cindy Siddoway, Idaho National Committeewoman
Damond Watkins, Idaho National Committeeman
Richard Porter, Illinois National Committeeman
Tim Schneider, Illinois State Chairman
Demetra DeMonte, RNC Secretary & Illinois National Committeewoman
Tim Berry, Indiana State Chairman
Marsha Coats, Indiana National Committeewoman
John Hammond, Indiana National Committeeman
Jeff Kaufmann, Iowa State Chairman
Steve Scheffler, Iowa National Committeeman
Kelly Arnold, Kansas State Chairman
Todd Tiahrt, Kansas National Committeeman
Helen Van Etten, Kansas National Committeewoman
Mike Duncan, Kentucky National Committeeman
Steve Robertson, Kentucky State Chairman
Roger Villere, Louisiana State Chairman
Lenar Whitney, Louisiana National Committeewoman
KC Crosbie, Louisiana National Committeewoman
Ross Little, Louisiana National Committeeman
Rick Bennett, Maine State Chairman
Alex Willette, Maine National Committeeman
Louis Pope, Maryland National Committeeman
Diana Waterman, Maryland State Chairman
Kirsten Hughes, Massachusetts State Chairman
Ron Kaufman, Massachusetts National Committeeman
Chanel  Prunier, Massachusetts National Committeewoman
Ronna Romney McDaniel, Michigan National Committeewoman
Bobby  Schostak, Michigan State Chairman
Janet Beihoffer, Minnesota National Committeewoman
Keith Downey, Minnesota State Chairman
Chris Tiedeman, Minnesota National Committeeman
Henry Barbour, Mississippi National Committeeman
Jeanne Luckey, Mississippi National Committeewoman
Joe Nosef, Mississippi State Chairman
Lance Beshore, Missouri National Committeeman
Will Deschamps, Montana State Chairman
Errol Galt, Montana National Committeeman
Betti Hill, Montana National Committeewoman
David Kramer, Nebraska National Committeeman
Joyce Simmons, Nebraska National Committeewoman
J.L. Spray, Nebraska State Chairman
Michael McDonald, Nevada State Chairman
Juliana  Bergeron, New Hampshire National Committeewoman
Steve Duprey, New Hampshire National Committeeman
Jennifer Horn, New Hampshire State Chairman
Ginny Haines, New Jersey National Committeewoman
Bill Palatucci, New Jersey National Committeeman
Sam Raia, New Jersey State Chairman
John Billingsley, New Mexico State Chairman
Rosie Tripp, New Mexico National Committeewoman
Pat Rogers, New Mexico National Committeeman
Ed Cox, New York State Chairman
Charlie Joyce, New York National Committeeman
Jennifer Saul Rich, New York National Committeewoman
Ada Fisher, North Carolina National Committeewoman
David Lewis, North Carolina National Committeeman
Claude  Pope, North Carolina State Chairman
Sandy Boehler, North Dakota National Committeewoman
Robert  Harms, North Dakota State Chairman
Curly Haugland, North Dakota National Committeeman
Bo Palacios, Northern Mariana Islands National Committeeman
Matt Borges, Ohio State Chairman
Jo Ann Davidson, Ohio National Committeewoman
Carolyn McLarty, Oklahoma National Committeewoman
Dave Weston, Oklahoma State Chairman
Steve Fair, Oklahoma National Committeeman
Donna  Cain, Oregon National Committeewoman
Solomon Yue, Oregon National Committeeman
Robert Asher, Pennsylvania National Committeeman
Rob Gleason, Pennsylvania State Chairman
Christine Toretti, Pennsylvania National Committeewoman
Zori Fonalledas, Puerto Rico National Committeewoman
Luis Fortuno, Puerto Rico National Committeeman
Carlos Mendez, Puerto Rico State Chairman
Steve Frias, Rhode Island National Committeeman
Mark Smiley, Rhode Island State Chairman
Cindy Costa, South Carolina National Committeewoman
Glenn McCall, South Carolina National Committeeman
Matt Moore, South Carolina State Chairman
Sandye Kading, South Dakota National Committeewoman
Dana Randall, South Dakota National Committeeman
Craig Lawrence, South Dakota State Chairman
Chris Devaney, Tennessee State Chairman
Peggy Lambert, Tennessee National Committeewoman
John Ryder, Tennessee National Committeeman
Robin Armstrong, Texas National Committeeman
Toni Anne Dashiell, Texas National Committeewoman
Steve Munisteri, Texas State Chairman
Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal, USVI National Committeewoman
John Canegata, USVI State Chairman
Holland Redfield, USVI National Committeeman
James Evans, Utah State Chairman
Bruce Hough, Utah National Committeeman
Enid Mickelsen, Utah National Committeewoman
Susie Hudson, Vermont National Committeewoman
Jay Shepard, Vermont National Committeeman
David Sunderland, Vermont State Chairman
Susan Hutchison, Washington State Chairman
Jeff Kent, Washington National Committeeman
Fredi Simpson, Washington National Committeewoman
Jill Homan, Washington, D.C. National Committeewoman
Bob Kabel, Washington, D.C. National Committeeman
Ron Phillips, Washington, D.C. State Chairman
Conrad Lucas, West Virginia State Chairman
Melody Potter, West Virginia National Committeewoman
Kris Warner, West Virginia National Committeeman
Mary Buestrin, Wisconsin National Committeewoman
Brad Courtney, Wisconsin State Chairman
Steve King, Wisconsin National Committeeman
Marti Halverson, Wyoming National Committeewoman
Tammy Hooper, Wyoming State Chairman
Greg Schaefer, Wyoming National Committeeman

I am ready and willing to roll up my sleeves for the next two years.  Together, we must continue to make the RNC great so that we can elect a Republican to the White House in 2016.

Thank you and God Bless,

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