Sessions On Executive Amnesty: Obama’s ‘Entirely New Immigration System’ A ‘Stunning Event’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Sen. Jeff Sessions continued his assault on President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty Monday, telling Judicial Watch that Obama has created an “entirely new immigration system” with his immigration overhaul less than three weeks ago.

In the address to the watchdog organization, the Alabama senator added that neither the president nor the executive branch are “empowered” to make these changes.

“I think we’re in a pretty serious situation here,” Sessions said. “What has occurred is a creation of an alternative immigration system. An entirely new immigration system. The president is not empowered to do that, the executive branch is not empowered to do that.”

“It’s pretty clear that, we’ve discovered… there wasn’t even an executive order issued,” Sessions continued. I guess they just whispered in the ear of Jeh Johnson over at Homeland Security, ‘Just put out a memo, and tell everyone not to enforce the law.’ Or ‘set up this system and do it this way.’ I mean, we don’t even have a really significant direct legal direction that we can ascertain precisely what the president is doing.”

“It really is a stunning event in my view,” Sessions said.

WATCH (Starts at 31:38):