Soccer Player Picks Up Opposing Goalie Just To Throw Him Down [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The L.A. Galaxy beat the New England Revolution Sunday to claim the 2014 Major League Soccer title. The win sent retiring, Galaxy all-star Landon Donovan out on top with his record, sixth MLS Cup.

Not important.

What was important was the baller-move Revolution defender A.J. Soares pulled on the Galaxy’s goalie.


“Here, let me help you up”

To be honest, I absolutely love this.

Soares exhibited a genuine effort to help an injured, opposing player, but sent him flying as soon as he saw the flop card about to be played. I’ve written on how the act of flopping makes soccer a little too French for American tastes, and Soares’ blatant lack of sportsmanship gives me hope for the sport. (RELATED: FLOPPING, BIGGEST THREAT TO AMERICA SINCE COMMUNISM)

This is the type of attitude we need to foster among American soccer players; 1960’s Oakland Raiders, 1980’s Detroit Piston and U.S. Men’s Soccer.

We might not be the most talented team, but you can bet your ass you’ll be sore after the game.