Congresswoman Lummis’ Heartbreaking Speech At Gruber Hearing [VIDEO]

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON – Republican Wyoming Rep. Cynthia Lummis made a powerful personal speech in Tuesday’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that featured testimony from disgraced Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber.

Gruber repeatedly referred to his comments about Obamacare deception as being “glib” or made in the interest of “glibness.” But in the most emotional moment this reporter has seen in covering government accountability hearings, Lummis made it clear she was not having it.


Lummis also fiercely questioned Gruber, at one point trapping Gruber into a central contradiction: he previously claimed he wrote parts of Obamacare, then claimed the opposite in the hearing.

“Were all of your prior statements a lie?” Lummis asked.

Lummis’ performance is being roundly praised by conservatives on social media.



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