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Mechanic Shop’s Pro-Gun Policy Proves Useful During Robbery Attempt [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A North Dakota mechanic shop owner’s pro-gun policy proved useful over the weekend.

Chance Morman was on duty on Saturday at a Meineke auto center in Fargo when a suspicious-looking man, later identified as 32-year-old Eugene Quinnett, walked into the store. Morman asked Quinnett if he could help.

“And when I said that he threw his hand under his shirt and said ‘you’re going to give me all the money you have or I’m going to blow your f-ing head off,'” Morman told WDAY.

“Took a step back and drew my handgun on him and ordered him to the ground,” Morman described to the news station.

That swift action caught Quinnett off-guard. He bolted out of the store and ran across the street to a Motel 6.

Police arrived at the motel, and Quinnett walked out to surrender.

“We’re just happy it didn’t escalate past where it went,” the store’s owner, Henry Holtgard, told WDAY.

He said that the store’s official policy is for employees to hand over cash during a robbery. But Holtgard said that both he and Morman have concealed carry permits. Holtgard carries one of his four handguns with him at all times.

“Nobody wants to be a victim,” Holtgard said.

“There’s no sense to pick and choose when you’re going to carry it because the time you’re not carrying it is probably the time you need it.”

“Ultimately, you are in control of whether or not you become a victim of a crime,” Morman told WDAY. “Hopefully if never has to be used, but in the occasion that it does, it’s nice to know it’s there.”

“You never know, that guy, I saw his face. I could’ve been a potential victim,” he continued.

Quinnett is in jail being held on criminal trespassing and robbery charges.


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