Men Love Kate Upton’s Body — Duh — And Women Prefer Cameron Diaz [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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In a complete and total surprise to absolutely no one, a study conducted by both Men and Women’s Health magazines in the U.K. found that men find Kate Upton’s busty body visually ideal, while women would most like to have Cameron Diaz’s taut figure.

The publications polled one thousand men and women, and for men, the 22 year old’s curves won out. (RELATED: Kate Upton’s Assets Are Out To Play In This Video Game)

Kate Upton swimsuit in Sports Illustrated

(Photo: Sports Illustrated)

Kate Upton swimsuit in Sports Illustrated

(Photo: Getty Images)

However, women answered that 42-year-old Cameron Diaz seemed more ideal. (RELATED: Cameron Diaz Poses Nude For First Time In ‘Sex Tape’)

Cameron Diaz Esquire photos

(Photo: Esquire)

Women prefer Cameron Diaz

(Photo: Esquire)

Vice versa, men polled to prefer having a body like Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine,” while women liked men who were built like Ryan Gosling.

Again, no surprises here.

“Men’s Health” Editor Toby Wiseman said the proof still stands that women prefer masculine men, though.

“Understanding what women want is one of the great mysteries all men have confronted down the ages, and some of our female respondents’ answers have been genuine eye-openers,” Wiseman said.

Glad that’s all settled. (RELATED: Kate Upton Is Busting Out In This See-Through Top)