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Politico National Editor Calls Cheney A War Criminal

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Opinion is sometimes called for in journalism. That is, if you work for the opinion pages or maybe a liberal or conservative rag.

But Politico? Haven’t they always claimed to be politically right down the center of things?

On Monday night, Politico Magazine National Editor Michael Hirsh had something quite pointed to say about former Veep Dick Cheney.

Seems like a peculiar thing for straight news editor to say, huh?

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Hirsh, a former foreign editor and chief diplomatic editor for Newsweek, a member of the now defunct secret liberal journo listerv, JournoList, and a frequent guest on the far left online streaming program, The Young Turks, links to a story by Mark Fallon, a longtime interrogator and former Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent within the Dept. of Homeland Security. In it, he says Cheney’s claim that water boarding produced “phenomenal results” is untrue. He went on to say torture techniques don’t work and rapport building interrogation techniques are the “best way to obtain intelligence.” Nowhere in there does he call Cheney a “war criminal.”


The Mirror reached out to Hirsh for comment. At this late hour (9:56 p.m.), he may not reply. I told him I’d happily add a comment in the morning if he chooses to provide one.