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Politico’s European Managing Editor Has A Name You’ll Never Pronounce

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico has new info about its bizarre European venture.

Former WSJ reporter Matthew Kaminiski has been named Executive Editor of POLITICO Europe. And a woman (who we didn’t know was a woman until they included a “she” at the end the release) bearing the impossible-name Shéhérazade Semsar-de Boisséson has been hired on as Managing Editor of the entire European operation. She apparently has an exquisitely strong personality matched only by Politico‘s other strong female personality — editor, Susan Glasser.

Politico and Axel Springer, the owners of the European venture, have snapped up EUROPEAN VOICE (who also uses these obnoxious capital letters) and will rebrand “the respected Brussels publication” as POLITICO in the Spring of 2105. Boisséson, owner and publisher of EUROPEAN VOICE, was quickly brought into the Politico fold.

According to the release, Politico‘s European operation will have 30 journos and a Brussels headquarters. Other reporters will be scattered throughout major European cities. The website POLITCO.EU, the Brussels-based weekly newspaper with conferences in Brussels, Paris and Berlin, arrives in the springtime.

Watch out Brussels — Politico always chic Editor-in-Chief John Harris will be a regular presence there. To be sure, Kaminski reports to Harris.

Politico never disappoints when it comes to assuming the whole world will be sucked into their vortex.

“Our ambition is clear ─ to be Europe’s leading publication on politics and policy, with a newsroom that will be headquartered in Brussels and with a reporting team whose footprint will extend across the continent,” said Harris. Aside from conquering the ENTIRE CONTINENT, their goal, states the release, is to the Europe’s leading political publication: “The acquisition is a cornerstone of POLITICO’s drive to become the leading new media publication on European politics and policy.”

Some interesting personnel developments.

Bill Nichols, who already occupies Politico‘s “editor-at-large” post, will be “founding editor-a-large” for the European weekly because one can never have too many “editors-at large.” Carrie Budoff Brown, Politico‘s White House correspondent, will be associate editor and senior reporter. Politico‘s Gabe Brotman will head up strategy and business development.

No word on whether Politico Playbook will host any of its infamous breakfasts in Brussels. One can only hope.