HuffPo Editor On Possible Gov Shutdown: ‘This Time, It’s The Democrats’ Fault, Not The Republicans’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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So this is what it has come to: liberals blaming the Democrats for a possible government shutdown.

Thursday afternoon, Huffington Post editor Howard Fineman said that if no budget deal is reached by the Thursday night deadline, the Democrats will be blamed for a government shutdown.

Fineman made the comments on “Now With Alex Wagner”, hours after President Barack Obama signaled his support for the $1.1 trillion budget package, which was drawn up by Congressional leaders.

The Huffington Post editor also opined that opposition from the Democratic base, led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is the beginning of the “post Barack Obama politics in the Democratic Party,” noting that the Democrats have stood in concert with one another since Obama took office in 2009.

“I actually think this is very important, significant moment because I think you’re seeing the beginning of post-Barack Obama politics in the Democratic Party,” said Fineman. “What you’re watching is the Democratic Party fall apart after what was a period of discipline, for the most part, during the Obama years.”

“And here you have the situation, unless I’m wrong, the White House signed off on the last-minute deals that were done to include these two provisions and they’re not objecting to them today, and let’s repeat what they are,” Fineman continued, “increasing by the factor of ten that people can give to campaign committees…favors the Republicans.”

“Changing the law of Dodd Frank all of those fancy, derivative transactions that got the banks in trouble in the first place and the taxpayers had to lay out billions and billions of dollars to make up for would now be covered by — would remain covered by federal deposit insurance. That’s outrageous and the president’s accepting that,” Fineman said, laying into Obama.

“What’s interesting politically is that the president is accepting it and i would say if Elizabeth Warren isn’t running for president, she’s way out there now.”

“She’s way out over her skis for someone that doesn’t actually…” Wagner chimed in.

“Exactly. I think that’s interesting, too, because she’s got a whole faction in the House that’s with her. Not a single Democrat voted for the rule in the House earlier today,” Fineman replied.

“And by the way, if the government shuts down because of this, this time it’s the Democrats’ fault, not the Republicans,” he said.