Krauthammer To Republicans: ‘Just Sit Back And Watch’ Democratic Civil War [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says that Republicans should “sit back and enjoy” the ongoing “civil war” among the Democrats over the 2015 government funding bill.

Krauthammer also said that he cannot wait to see how the media will cover Yellowstone National Park “where little Johnny is weeping” when he realizes that the park is closed due to a shutdown.

Krauthammer made the comments to “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier Thursday night.

KRAUTHAMMER: “If you are a Republican, you should simply sit back and enjoy this. People have been arguing about the great civil war among Republicans, I’ve argued that that’s rubbish. The real civil war is among Democrats, and we are seeing now a rebellion by House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi against the White House, a rebellion by Warren, leading the left-wing faction of the party against the moderates. And it’s a great free-for-all.”

“Earnest is right, this is going to hurt the Democrats either way. If a short-term continuing resolution is passed, It means it will come up again in the first months of the new Congress when Republicans will be entirely in charge. And if nothing happens, and there is a shutdown, I would love to see how the media cover Yellowstone National Park where little Johnny is weeping when he arrives after a thousand mile drive to find the gates closed.”