Bottom’s Up: Study Shows Americans Prefer Butts Over Breasts

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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It’s official. Americans are now putting their bottoms over their tops, and saying they prefer butts over boobs, according to a new Pornhub Insights study titled, “Boobs, Butts & Beyond,” which determines which body parts are better liked in certain parts of the world.

The top and bottom statistics show that North America, South America and Latin America are all keeping their eyes on the behind — with the exception of Canadians, who clearly need to be reminded to keep their eyes, um, up here.

pornhub study butts over boobs

(Photo: Pornhub Insights)

But for America, Pornhub broke the study down even further, dividing the boobs and rump rankings by state.

However, the rankings pretty much stay the same, and rears still win.

From the study:

“In this case, it appears that most of the nation’s breast aficionados are located in the more northern part of the country, whereas dedicated butt-lovers are more abundant in the south. For the most part though, the land of the free is also clearly the land of the rear-end enthusiasts.”

pornhub study americans prefer butt over boobs

(Photo: Pornhub Insights)

Here’s how many people in the United States searched for boobs.

The darker blue the state is, the more people searched. Typically northern and central states won out.

pornhub study

(Photo: Pornhub Insights)

The three states least interested in what’s up top? District of Columbia, Mississippi and Hawaii.

Now, here’s how many searched for those bums.

pornhub study

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Obviously, we pledge allegiance to the behind. (RELATED: Pippa Middleton Has A Few Things To Say About Kim K’s Rear)