President Obama Pushes Healthcare.Gov On… ESPN? [AUDIO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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After a week of hard-hitting interviews with Comedy Central, BET and Univision, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview with ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd to continue his push for (RELATED: Obama Bashes Keystone XL On ‘The Colbert Report’)

Obama began praising NBA icons LeBron James and Magic Johnson for helping to promote the Affordable Care Act. “I appreciate that LeBron and Magic and other folks help to drive this message about getting health insurance. When you think about some of our greatest sports heroes –Mohammad Ali, Bill Russell, Arthur Ashe– they spoke out on issues that mattered…”

Obama’s appearance was rather transparently aimed at getting young men to sign up for the healthcare exchanges. “Particularly, young men tend to think they’re indestructible,” he said. “But for an average of about $82 a month, you can get quality health insurance.”

“For all those weekend warriors, by the time I got to about forty, basketball was pretty hazardous. You don’t want to have healthcare [sic], and suddenly you’ve got something broken or something pops. Because it’s going to cost a lot of money.”

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