Who Keeps Pooping All Over Courtrooms In Madison, Wis.?

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City employees arrived to work at the City-County Building in Madison, Wis. on Wednesday to find a courtroom wall covered in feces. The incident is not the first recent encounter with excretion in the building.

This time, judicial support clerk Kelly McConnell decided she’d had enough. She photographed the poop-covered wall and sent the image along with a blistering email to several city officials including Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Mike Koval, Madison’s police chief, according to local CBS affiliate WISC-TV.

“So THIS was found in the courtroom this morning as we were trying to get ready for court!” McConnell vented. “Someone has been in the courtroom, AGAIN, and defecated in the courtroom itself. When will SOMEONE do something about what is going on in this building???!!!”

Amazingly, the exasperated employee also had to send an email to Soglin and other Madison bigwigs during the week of Thanksgiving containing the arrest report of a homeless person who was found sleeping on a sofa in a judge’s chambers in the building.

In an email to WISC-TV, McConnell explained that a homeless person “did defecate on the couch” in a press room next to a courtroom “and they have since had to throw away the couch.”

Alderman Paul Skidmore — who is a gender-neutral “Alder” in Madison — reminisced about the time he personally scrubbed a stairwell in the City-County Building because it reeked of urine.

“Unfortunately, this is a situation that’s happened regularly over a period of time,” Skidmore told the CBS affiliate. “It poses a security risk for all employees and visitors to this building.”

Last November, Soglin recommended changes to city ordinances which would have allowed Madison police to enforce a ban on urinating and defecating in the municipal building. The Mayor’s proposal failed to gain enough support from lawmakers.

The Mayor noted that the city received 110 calls about various issues in the City-County Building in November 2014 alone.

“Let me put it this way: If this kind of activity that took place in this building were taking place in a private building, we — the city — would be strictly enforcing the law,” Soglin told WISC-TV.

In response to the feces-strewn wall discovered on Wednesday, city officials are now seeking to hire a private security guard to wander the City-County Building who will seek to prevent future incidents, reports the Wisconsin State Journal.

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