George Will: Ted Cruz Is ‘Completely Indifferent To The Fact That Politics Is A Team Sport’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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One day after saying Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz had no idea “what they were trying to accomplish,” syndicated columnist George Will said Monday on “Special Report” the pair have two “exceedingly strange careers underway.” (RELATED: George Will On Warren, Cruz: ‘No One Knows What They Were Trying To Accomplish’)

Will told Fox News’ Doug McKelway that Cruz is “indifferent” to politics being a “team sport,” adding further that there hasn’t been “a more peculiar career” in the Senate than the one Cruz is currently enjoying.

The conservative columnist also said while Democrats are “bemused” by his antics, he is “loathed” within the GOP caucus, while also telling McKelway if Cruz doesn’t get the GOP nomination in 2016, assuming he runs for it, his return to Washington will be “awkward.”

WILL: We have two exceedingly strange careers under way here. Elizabeth Warren, who has won one election, a Democrat in Massachusetts, not heavy lifting, says that she’s really worried about risk. And she’s focused on some minor matter about derivatives and banks. Yet, a few days ago, Fannie [Mae] and Freddie [Mac] announced they now are going to have mortgages for low-income people with 3 percent down. This is walking right down the same path that the housing crisis that Fannie and Freddie gave us that catalyzed the recession.

Then we have Ted Cruz. There have been 1,957 senators in the history of this country and I can’t imagine there’s been a more peculiar career than the one he’s having right now. He is completely indifferent to the fact that politics is a team sport. Juan’s absolutely right, Democrats are more bemused by him. He is frankly loathed within the Republican caucus. If he seeks the Republican nomination and doesn’t get it, then what? He has to come back here? That’s awkward.