High School Wide Receiver ‘Stands His Ground’ In Ballsy Highlight Tape [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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It takes a lot of guts to post a highlight tape on scouting websites.

It takes even more guts when you’re Jack Lenihan, a senior wide receiver from Barrington High School outside of Chicago.

Listed at 5’11” & 145 lb’s, Lenihan could be qualified as a “Rudy” type player, but that didn’t stop him from dropping this gem of a recruiting tape earlier this fall.

It’s not the most impressive on-field display I’ve ever seen, but it’s pure gold for very different reasons. (RELATED: Human Guillotine Decapitates Opposing Players In Unbelievable High School Highlight Reel) 


Trouble with the video? Watch it here.

Ok, so in terms of actual football talent, that was slightly less than impressive; the one snap he took on the field resulted in a drop.

I. Do. Not. Care.

Jack Lenihan can stand with the best of ’em.

I’m legitimately floored by this kid’s self-confidence. I labored over my highlight tape for months before submitting it, and I was pretty good. If this was an interview, I’d hire this kid immediately.

My favorite part comes at the end, where Jack makes a bold proclamation; Oh, what’s that? You’re a Division III program that wants to give this kid a shot?

Division I offers only, baby.

While he might not have a future in the NFL, something tells me this guy will be just fine.