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#NotAllMuslims Take Hostages In Sydney, Australia

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This news story has nothing to do with any previous news stories or any subsequent news stories. It is a completely isolated event that tells us nothing about the world in which we live.

Mark Morri and Simon Benson, The Daily Telegraph (AU):

Self-styled sheik and Islamic State preacher Man Haron Monis, who was on bail for accessory to murder, is the gunman who was last night holding 15 terrified hostages in Sydney’s Lindt cafe…

Armed with a shotgun and a flag linked to extremist groups, the radical Islamic preacher burst into the cafe at 9.45am, taking up to 20 hostages…

As workers in nearby buildings were evacuated or ordered away from windows and heavily armed police moved into Martin Place, the hostages were used as human shields for Monis, forced to stand at the window and hold the Islamic flag bearing the words: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”.


Monis’ motive remains unknown.

(Hat tip: Tim Blair)

Update: I haven’t seen any reports of anti-Muslim violence in reaction to this, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t feel guilty that you haven’t converted to Islam yet.

“Sentiments.” Watch your “sentiments,” you dhimmi. Let’s try to remember the real victims here: embarrassed Muslims.




And just like that, a wave of “Islamophobia” is created out of whole cloth. All you have to do is stand against something that isn’t happening, pat yourself on the back, and watch the rest of your ideological comrades fall in line.



Update: Congratulations to non-denominational community activist Man Haron Monis on achieving martyrdom, for reasons that are not and never will be known.