AP Reporter: ‘We’re Not Sure’ What Hillary’s Message Is Or ‘Why She’s Running For President’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Appearing on the “Morning Joe” panel Tuesday morning, Associated Press White House reporter Julie Pace contrasted a possible Hillary Clinton campaign with Elizabeth Warren’s potential candidacy. Pace told co-host Joe Scarborough that many are unsure what Clinton’s campaign message would be, or even “why she’s running for president.”

“I didn’t know a single person in early 2006 that thought Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to clean up,” said Scarborough. “I remember reading David Geffen’s quotes to Maureen Dowd about the Clintons being unusually good liars and it jarred everybody, because it said oh my God there’s a crack in the wall.”

“And through that crack came pouring Barack Obama’s operation, millions and millions of dollars,” Scarborough said. “And, Julie Pace, if there’s anybody out there that can do that, I’m not saying they could but if there’s anybody that could do that it would be Elizabeth Warren who is actually saying what nobody else in the Democratic Party on the Senate floor is saying.”

“She saying something at least,” said Pace about Warren. “One of the issues with Clinton is we’re not sure what her message is, why she’s running for president.”

“What does Hillary stand for?” asked Scarborough.

“Whether you agree with her or not, Elizabeth Warren has a set of principles,” Pace continued. “You know where she stands.”