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Hillary Clinton Sells (Very Few) Magazines

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Elizabeth Warren’s tribe should take heart: Hillary is in no way inevitable.


From Will and Kate to the Kardashians, celebrity weekly covers in 2014 were dominated by familiar faces—but not all of them were newsstand gold…

People’s worst-selling cover was Hillary Clinton…

503,890 copies
Clinton was a newsstand flop.

That’s weird. You mean to say that America took one look at this and said “No thank you”?

hillary clinton on cover of people magazine

(Photo: People magazine)

You might say it doesn’t matter whether People‘s target audience likes her. Go ahead and say that all day. It doesn’t explain why she thought this was a good idea. Nobody made her sit down for a softball interview with them. Nobody made her pose for those pictures, with her unnerving frozen grimace. She’s following the Obama playbook by choice. And it isn’t working.

Hillary Clinton is a complete disaster, both as a political candidate and as a human being. For America’s sake, I sincerely hope she gets the Democratic Party nomination.