CNN Reporter In Havana: Cuban State Media Hasn’t Shared Alan Gross News With Public

Al Weaver Reporter
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While the news of U.S. contractor Alan Gross’s release from Cuba is being roundly welcomed stateside, people in Cuba really don’t know what is going on.

According to CNN reporter Patrick Oppmann, the only television U.S. reporter in Havana, the news of Gross’ release has not been reported by the Cuban state media, with the only report to the general public in Cuba is that Raul Castro will address the nation at noon.

“They don’t have easy access to the internet, they don’t have easy access to CNN. We’re telling them, and for many of them this is the biggest Cuba-U.S. news that they’ve heard in their lifetime. And so far their tightly-restricted state media is not sharing that news with them, at least not yet,” Oppmann told CNN’s Carol Costello Wednesday morning.

President Barack Obama will be making remarks about Gross’ release and U.S./Cuba relations at noon. Gross, who has remained imprisoned for five years, will be making remarks at 1:30 p.m.

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