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5 Tips For Surviving A Knife Assault

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By Michael D’Angona, Personal Defense World

A knife is one of the simplest yet intimidating weapons you might face in today’s world. An unprovoked verbal conflict can escalate ten-fold the instant someone brandishes a knife. Now take it one step further; the knife-wielding attacker grabs you with his free hand as his sharp blade finds a home against your neck. One wrong move and you could die within minutes from blood loss. While this might seem to be an inescapable situation, you do have options to get away.

Strike the Vital Areas

The key to successfully escaping a knife attack is to remove the knife at its point of contact. To accomplish this, you must land a strike to one of your attacker’s vital areas while simultaneously securing his weapon hand. This needs to be done fast and without hesitation. Secure the attacker’s weapon and strike hard into the attacker’s vital areas, which include the eyes, throat, nose and chin, all of which can cause his head to be forcibly jolted back.


A second option you have when the tip of the knife (and less of the blade) is pushing into your neck is to pivot and allow his energy to move past you. This causes the knife to be repositioned from its dangerous point on your neck while simultaneously throwing your attacker off-balance. This is the precise time to secure your attacker’s weapon hand and go on the offensive. Alternating kicks to his knees, thigh or groin area can slow him down; applying an arm bar should immobilize his weapon arm even further. Remember, punching him may be your first instinctive choice, but if you release your grip or try to hold him with one arm, he may escape your grasp and attack you viciously with the knife.

Don’t Lose Control

Once you secure your attacker’s weapon hand, you must not lose control of the weapon by releasing your grip, being overpowered or letting the weapon get pushed back into you. Remember, its possible to cut and injure yourself even with your own hands wrapped around the weapon. This can happen if your initial strikes were not effective enough to stun or distract your attacker. It is also imperative to avoid passing the knife across your body as this increases the chances of you getting cut or stabbed.

Joint Locks & Tackles

If you have some self-defense training, you can apply various joint-locking techniques to secure your attacker. Shoulder locks work especially well since, if the assailant struggles to escape, intense pain and possible shoulder dislocation can occur. Another option would be to tackle and pin your attacker to the ground. If you have weight and strength on your side, you should be able to secure him until the police can arrive.

Call the Authorities

Flee the area quickly and call the authorities. Report what happened to you and let them deal with it from there. Remember, your number-one priority is to come out of the ordeal safe and without major injuries. Being a hero or acting as a temporary member of law enforcement is not recommended.

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