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Denver Craigslist Robbery Thwarted By Man With Concealed Carry [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A Colorado man foiled a robbery attempt during a Craigslist deal gone wrong in which a would-be thief threatened to shoot his intended victim after being caught trying to pass counterfeit cash.

The incident unfolded outside of a Burger King in Denver on Thursday, according to the city’s Fox 31 television station.

Two men had planned to meet in the parking lot of the restaurant in order to complete the sale of a laptop.

But when the buyer, identified as Earl May Jr., paid with fake cash, the seller confronted him.

May Jr. responded by acting as if he was carrying a gun and threatened the seller, according to Denver police.

The seller called the man’s bluff. He pulled out an actual gun — for which he has a concealed carry permit — and held the would-be thief at gun point while he called 911.

May Jr. was arrested for the robbery attempt. He has been arrested in the past for theft.


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