Gene Simmons On North Korea Hack: ‘Cyber War Has Been Declared’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on Fox’s “Outnumbered,” KISS frontman Gene Simmons said that he believes the hacking of Sony by North Korea was tantamount to a declaration of cyber war. (VIDEO: Gene Simmons Knocks Obama’s Lack Of Leadership)

SIMMONS: The debate is a little off-track here. People are talking about Sony, and the government giving up, and all of that is true and stuff, but we need to recognize a really important issue. As one citizen of these United States of America, there’s a brand new 20th century warfare that’s happening right now. We don’t see it, but the danger of cyber-attacks — this is cyber war.

Cyber war has been declared, and I may not be a politician, but it’s happening right now. They can physically and literally shut down the grid, shut down Wall Street, shut down airports, air traffic. They can have a profound effect on these United States even more so than bombs. ICBMs are a thing of the past. One little hacker can cause enormous damage.

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