Krauthammer: Obama ‘Oversteps Everywhere,’ Is ‘Destroying’ Balance Of Power [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In a discussion on the large number of President Barack Obama executive actions, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer told Fox News’ Bret Baier that the president “oversteps everywhere” because he’s been forced to enact his agenda on his own, rather than going through Congress. Krauthammer said that while the checks and balances are doing exactly what they are there to do, Obama is “destroying that balance” with his use of executive action.

The conservative commentator made the remarks on “Special Report” Thursday night.

KRAUTHAMMER: “Look, this is quite clear. The president came in as an extremely ideologically ambitious man. He said he was going to change America. He was very open about it. First State of the Union address, he talked about changing education, energy, healthcare. He succeeded in congress with healthcare. He did not succeed with anything else. Cap and Trade did not succeed. He loses the House, which means he loses control. He has no chance of enacting anything sweeping again after healthcare. And he decides to spend the next six years trying to get his agenda enacted by executive order, which is why he oversteps everywhere. And when you say it’s not — the federal government isn’t working, what’s the definition of working? Sweeping change of our immigration laws in a country that has not decided how it wants to actually do that. It’s working exactly as designed with the power of the president is checked and what Obama is doing is destroying that balance.”