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President Obama Disses Politico Europe

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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President Obama took a moment to demean Politico at his final White House presser of the year.

While being questioned by Politico White House correspondent Carrie Budoff Brown, who will soon relocate to Brussels to work for Politico‘s brand new European publication, Obama slammed the suburban Virginia publication.

​”I have no doubt that what Brussels needs is a version of Politico,” said Obama, dripping with sarcasm.

Reporters laughed heartily, nervously.

On Twitter, reporters weirdly didn’t let on that Obama was obviously joking.

“Oh man Politico Europe just had their first ad created by the President of the United States,” remarked Luke Russert. (An ad to say the President ridiculed their publication? Good idea Luke Russert!)

And this from Vox Media‘s Matthew Yglesias: “Jokes aside EU-level politics in Brussels really does need a version of Politico.”

Obama added, “The waffles are delicious there.”