Scarborough On GQ ‘Craziest Politicians List’: Where Are All The Democrats? [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Joe Scarborough at his best, ladies and gentlemen.

Interviewing GQ’s deputy managing editor Michael Hainey on “Morning Joe” Friday, Scarborough blasted the magazine’s recently-released list of “America’s 20 Craziest Politicians,” in which Republicans occupy the top nine slots and 17 of the 20 entries.

“I do know this, there are as many crazy Democrats as there are crazy Republicans,” Scarborough, a former GOP congressman said.

“Look at No. 20,” Hainey told the “Morning Joe” co-host, pointing out Biden’s name.

“Oh, you have to go all the way down to No. 20,” Scarborough mockingly said.

The only Democrats that appear on the list are Rep. Hank Johnson (No. 9), Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee ( No. 15) and Vice President Joe Biden.

Scarborough also pointed out to the GQ editor that Joni Ernst, who hasn’t even set foot in Washington as a sitting senator yet, made the list at No. 16.

“So you have fresh-crazy Joni Ernst. Now you’re picking on people that haven’t come to Washington because they’re Republicans,” said Scarborough.

“That’s the great thing about the list, it’s always evolving. It’s malleable,” Hainey tried to explain. “We’ve got some fresh crazy on here, we’ve got her, we’ve got Michael Grimm, the Staten Island congressman.”

“They’re all Republicans, dude,” Scarborough told the GQ editor. “Was there not one conservative in your editorial meeting who said, you know what, 95 percent of these should not be Republican? I love your magazine, but you got to have one person.”

“If I made a list like this, there would be as many Democrats as there are Republicans,” Scarborough added.

“All right, who’s crazy as a Democrat?” Hainey asked Scaborough.

“Let’s say Charlie Rangel. I love Charlie, a war hero,” Scarborough said. “But Charlie has said some craaaazy, crazy stuff over the past couple of weeks. I could list a lot of others.”

“But the Democrats have a long history of crazy, you’ve got the Kennedys,” the GQ editor said. “You get a whole range, they kind of set the model.”

One other “Morning Joe” panelist with strong objections to the list was Mike Barnicle.

“I have to question the list,” Barnicle told Hainey. “Louie Gohmert … He is clearly the leader of the mentally-ill wing of this party, and he’s not in the top five?”

“Well, it’s hard to say who’s No. 1…Don’t look at number one as number one. It’s not like power rankings. It’s just here’s the 20 people you don’t want to be in the room with. But he’s No. 17 on the list,” Hainey said.

“Not good enough for me,” Barnicle shot back.

“You want him higher?” Hainey asked.

“I want the big foam finger,” Barnicle said, questioning the magazine’s crowning of Rep. Ted Yoho at the No. 1 slot.