This Clip Is The Tennessee Titans’ Terrible Season In A Nutshell [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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After losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night, the Tennessee Titans made it clear that they are hands-down the most embarrassing team in the NFL.

Losers of nine straight, the Titans are the proud owners of a 2-13 record, and their cream-puff season is perfectly encapsulated in the following clip.

Wow, not even going to fight back, bro?

That’s sadder than Charlie Brown trying to kick a field goal.

You know you’ve hit rock bottom as a franchise when opposing teams’ mascots are bullying your fans, and they just sit back and take it. You think an Oakland or Washington fan would have handled this so calmly?

Maybe, but only while sitting in a jail cell after stabbing Jaxson De Ville right in his stupid, furry face.

Oh well, Titans fans. At least you’ve got first dibs on Jameis Winston in the 2015 draft.

On second thought, that probably won’t help very much.