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Whoopi And Rosie Scream At Each Other About Racism, Homophobia, The Usual

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As we all learned this week, America is so racist that short white people feel justified in asking for Michelle Obama’s help reaching high shelves at Target. Despite this compelling evidence, Nicolle Wallace — the resident conservative* on The View — is still racist enough to ask if America is a racist country.

Watch and enjoy the thoughtful discussion that follows. (And you don’t need to thank me for skipping to the 6-minute mark in this clip. I respect your time too much to waste that much of it.)

One of them might be right, and one of them might be wrong. Or it might be a little of both. I don’t really care. I just like watching those two bicker at each other.

(Hat tip: Wayne Dupree)

*Yes, I know. I know.