Ferguson Protester Taunts Cops With ‘Pigs In A Blanket’ Chant After NYPD Shooting [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A protester who was invited last month by the Department of Justice to offer his thoughts on how to enact police reform, took to the streets Saturday night and mocked the shooting death of two New York City police officers.

Bassem Masri became a prominent figure in the Ferguson protests which he recorded on a popular internet livestream.

On Saturday, Masri aired footage of protests in St. Louis held outside of an event at the Hyatt where police chief Sam Dotson was in attendance.

“Pigs in a blanket; smell like bacon,” Masri and fellow activists chanted through the streets. The activist is also heard blaming police for the shooting deaths of the two NYPD officers — Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu — who were gunned down by Ismaaiyl Brinsley on Saturday while sitting in their squad car in Brooklyn.


Brinsley also used the derogatory term “pigs” to refer to police in social media posts he sent shortly before murdering the officers.

“I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours … let’s take 2 of theirs,” Brinsley posted on Instagram shortly before executing the two officers.

“This may be my final post…I’m putting pigs in a blanket,” Brinsley wrote.

The 28-year-old Brinsley also made references to Michael Brown and Eric Garner, two black men killed by police officers.

Last month, Masri bragged on social media that the Department of Justice invited him to take part in a community meeting to provide input on how to enact police reform.

“DOJ has appointed a few of us2reform the police in the entire region that should resonate nationwide thats the director intentions,” Masri tweeted in November. (RELATED: DOJ Invites Cop-Hating, Pro-Hamas Protester To Police Reform Meeting In Ferguson)

The Daily Caller confirmed at the time that the DOJ invited Masri to attend a community session. The agency sought to downplay his role in the event and said it was unaware of Masri’s extreme rhetoric when the invitation was extended.

“Y’all motherfuckers don’t want to hold no police accountable,” Masri was heard saying on his livestream Saturday evening. “Motherfuckers is going to hold police accountable their own way.”


“Y’all mad about what happened in New York?” Masri is heard yelling at police at one point Saturday.

Prior to the events in Ferguson, Masri’s activism focused on the Palestinian cause and support for the terrorist group Hamas.

Masri put that support on display Saturday, at one point wrapping his face in a keffiyeh, a scarf meant to show solidarity with Palestine.

“This how my boys wrap they face. The Palestinian resistance. Real mean. Y’all police – why don’t y’all go stand toe-to-toe with the Palestinian resistance?” Masri said, taunting police.

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