Activist That Introduced UVA’s ‘Jackie’ To Rolling Stone Made Numerous White House Visits

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The activist that introduced false University of Virginia rape accuser “Jackie” to Rolling Stone magazine worked with top White House advisers in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to craft websites and official documents on the White House’s college sexual assault policies.

Emily Renda, who works in the vice president for student affairs office at UVA, put “Jackie” in touch with Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely for Erdely’s now discredited expose on a fictional fraternity gang rape.

“You figure into the article as a survivor, activist and mentor/support for Jackie,” Erdely wrote to Renda in an email. (RELATED: Rolling Stone Failed To Vet Rape Accuser’s Claims)

Though the fruits of Renda’s activism did not meet journalistic threshold, the young UVA employee has become a frequent White House visitor that counseled President Obama’s senior rape advisers. Renda recently made five White House visits and helped craft official White House publications as part of the White House Task Force To Prevent Students From Sexual Assault.

Reached for comment by The Daily Caller, Renda declined to provide details of her work but noted, “For reference, all WH task force business is actually public record, so it should be accessible to you.”

Let’s take a look at Renda’s White House jaunts:

Feb. 28, 2013

Renda participated in a large group meeting with White House Advisor on Violence Against Women Lynn Rosenthal in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building as part of “National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month.”

Feb. 21, 2014

Renda trotted back to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building for another meeting with Rosenthal and other activists, presumably for the 2014 iteration of the same “Teen Dating” awareness month.

March 26, 2014

Now it gets interesting. In a room with five other people and White House intern Jai Retter, Renda started actually doing some kind of work. As the 28 Sherman blog noted, a photo Renda posted on her Instagram account reveals that she helped design a White House website at this meeting.

April 11, 2014

Renda met with 24-year-old White House technology adviser Vivian Graubard and other activists to help prepare a “White House Data Jam on Protecting Students From Sexual Assault” document.

April 29, 2014

Renda was in the House as part of a group of 200 led by White House intern Kelsey Pietranton.

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