Irony Overload: Valerie Plame Retweets Article Outing CIA Agent

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

Remember Valerie Plame? Eleven years is an eternity in politics, but way back in 2003, the Bush administration was excoriated after the covert CIA operative had her identity leaked to journalist Robert Novak. The resulting scandal ended with the criminal prosecution and conviction of Bush adviser Scooter Libby.

Plame became a darling of the left, even being portrayed by Naomi Watts in a Hollywood film. But apparently, Plame is now perfectly fine with outing CIA agents and intelligence leaks. (EDITORIAL: Hollywood Myth-Making On Valerie Plame Controversy)

Twitter user JimmyPrinceton caught Plame retweeting an article by Glenn Greenwald which outed a CIA operative and her involvement in the agency’s enhanced interrogation program.

It’s worth noting that the piece Plame retweeted was not a “true” outing: the CIA officer named has had her name floated around the Internet since at least 2011. But the CIA has never acknowledged her connection to the agency, and especially not her connection to the “torture” program. (VIDEO: CIA Director Defends Use Of Enhanced Interrogation: ‘There Were No Easy Answers’)

In an interview with Katie Couric back in 2007, Plame said her own outing was “a great betrayal of the national security of the country.” She said that seeing her name in print was “horrifying, absolutely horrifying.”

[h/t The Federalist]

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